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Field Cleanup

The field cleanup is scheduled for April 14, 2018 (rain date is15th) at 8am. Please wear heavy soled shoes, long sleeves and pants. The field is in ok shape as a lot of the debris that was brought in in Dec. has been washed back out. There is still a fair amount to do. Opening day will be April 21, 2018.


Need Help?

Do you have a new plane? Not sure where or how to get  started safely? Afraid of crashing?

 We can help! Stop by and see us. We can help answer questions and offer advice. Folks are available for one on one instruction, including Buddy-Box flight training. Come visit us!

Bulk Fuel Purchase

If you are interested in ordering fuel, please print and mail the order form below with payment to Bill Flower By March 31, 2018
The fuel being ordered is Morgan Fuel/Cool Power
Current pricing is;
10% - $18.61/gal 15% - $20.56/gal 20% - $23.67/gal 30% - $27.35/gal
 Freight will be figured after total order.
 We are only taking case orders to keep it simple. Members could split cases amongst themselves.
 Bill Flower's  email is for more information. 



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